Chairman’s Message – October 20, 2010

FSA Times Home Page

On behalf of the Financial Services Advisory Board, I want to thank all who took the time to complete the recent survey regarding your membership with the Financial Services Specialty Group. We received some excellent feedback and suggestions from our members and met in early September to evaluate the results and develop an action plan to address your needs.

There were three major themes that emerged from the survey.

  • Communication. Members want better communication regarding their benefits, better access to, and more content on, the Financial Services Auditors (FSA) Web page, and improvements to FSA Times to make the publication more timely and informative.
  • Training. Many of you expressed a need for new training resources such as webinars and online seminars and to increase audit program resources available to members.
  • CFSA certification. Many commented on the need for better promotion of the exam and its benefits.

We will be working over the next few months to establish some long-term strategies to address your concerns. We will keep you updated by e-mail and the FSA Times newsletter as plans develop.

As always, if you have any additional comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other Board member.

Warm regards,
Scott White, CIA, CFSA
Financial Services Advisory Board Chairman