Chairman’s Message — July 11, 2012

FSA Times Home Page

You may have recently received a survey from us regarding your experience as a member of the Financial Services Auditor Group. I hope you took some time to complete the survey and provide us with your feedback. The Financial Services Auditors Board (FSAB) and IIA staff take your comments and opinions very seriously and use the information to make improvements to FSA Times and to plan future programs.

Your Board recently met at IIA headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Fla., to discuss our ongoing strategy to deliver outstanding services to our members. We continue to strive to bring you the most relevant information, training opportunities, and member benefits as we move forward. We are excited at the success of our members-only webinars and our involvement in shaping the programs at several regional conferences and the 2012 International Conference in Boston. We continue to explore new programs and ways of delivering information on the hottest topics in financial services.

We often hear from our members that they are not aware of all of the benefits of being an FSA Group member. I urge you to review your benefits on The IIA’s updated website and the FSA member pages. Accessing the FSA Web page is easy. From The IIA’s home page, hover your mouse over the “Membership” tab and click on the “Financial Services Auditor Group” link. This will take you to our Web page where your benefits are outlined in detail. You must be signed in to The IIA’s website to access this page. If you have any comments on the site or ideas for improving it we would love to hear them.

The Board was pleased to organize the financial services concurrent sessions for the 2012 International Conference and will be doing the same for next year’s conference in Orlando. We had a very successful pre-conference program in Boston with more than 200 participants joining us for sessions on bank compliance and a panel discussion on hot topics in financial services auditing.

If you missed June’s Webinar on enterprise risk management, playback is available via the FSA member pages. The August webinar will focus on social networking in the financial services industry. Check The IIA website for more details on this session or to register.

Have a relaxing and safe summer. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the activities of the FSAB, please contact Membership Development at

Warm regards,
Scott White, CIA, CFSA
Financial Services Advisory Board Chairman


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